Formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, we have been involved in design and manufacture of one-fibre multiplexers for TV Studios (bi-directional signal transmission over one strand of the fibre). We pride ourselves on providing products whose signal budget have been tested to exceed our customers specification, therefore ensuring at minimum, the required signal strength is met at all times.

Today we provide fibre optic solutions for the Cable Television Industry, Telecommunications Industry and Government Bodies. Our fibre optic multiplexers support Analog PAL NTSC Baseband Audio Video ,

CATV Brodband RF 45-1000Mhz, QAM ,8VSB,  



MPEG2, MPEG4,H.264    and Data signals

Ethernet,10/100/1000 ,

Gigabit Ethernet,

RS-232, RS-422,

T1, E1, DS3  

We specialise in one-fiber solutions to enable bi-directional (Audio/Video) or full-duplex (Data) transmission.

We also spcecialise in HD and SD video signal conversion to IP Ethernet for easy transport over the Network.

- Baseband Audio Video to IP Ethernet

- Baseband Audio Video to ASI

- Audio Video to QAM

- Component Video Audio Y,Pb,Pr to QAM

- VGA to QAM

- S-Video to QAM


- HDMI to Ethernet IP  and IP to HDMI

- SDI to IP Ethernet  and  IP to SDI

- ASI to IP and IP to ASI

- HD-SDI to IP  and HD-SDI to ASI

- ASI to DS3 and DS3 to ASI

- ASI to T1 and T1 to ASI

- Fire Wire to ASI


- SDI to ASI  and ASI to SDI

Through providing bespoke solutions we can guarantee our products will fit your requirements perfectly through our Create Your Own Solution option. To see full list of our "off the shelf" products, please click on Solutions.



Should you require further help, please fee free to Contact Us.


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