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CL-4000, 1 or 4 HDSDI / HDMI to QAM inserter DVB-T /DVB-C or IP
CL-3000, HD-SDI or SD-SDI to QAM inserter
CL-2000, HD Component Video or VGA Video to QAM Inserter
CL-12, 1 Video 2 or 4 or 8 Audio over fiber for up to 150Km Broadcast
CL-12HD, 1 Video 2 Audio 1 ASI or 1 HD/SD -SDI to fiber
CL-12SC, 1 Video 2 Audio 1 subcarrier (4.5Mhz) Audio over fiber
CL-24, 2 channels Fiber Optic Video and 4 simplex audio Transmitter and Receiver
CL-48, 4 Channel Video 8 Audio Fiber Optic Transmitter / Receiver up to 120Km
CL-816, CL-816, 8 Baseband Video/16 Audio Fiberoptic Video Multiplexer
CL-1632, 16 Baseband Video/32 Audio Fiberoptic Video Multiplexer
CL-1250V, Fiberoptic Gigabit Ethernet Video/Audio Multiplexer
CL-1250VHD, Gigabit Ethernet , Video/Audio ASI - SDI , HDTV fiber optic Multiplexer
CL-10V, 10 Channel Video Fiberoptic Multiplexer
CL-270, 1-16 DVB ASI video or SDI video Fiberoptic Transport
CL-350, MPEG Transport Stream Converter
CL-350S, MPEG Transport Stream Fiberoptic Converter
CL-110, MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder
CL-220, MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder
CL- ASI2IP, bi-directional ASI over IP converter , IP over ASI converter
CL-LBAND, L-Band 900-2100Mhz RF Transmitter/Receiver
CL-5000VA, Video/Audio Card Module
CL-5000DVB, DVB-ASI/SMTPE 310M Card Module
CL-FOS, Automatic and Manual optical redundant failover switch 12, 21 or 22
CL-HDMI2IP, HDMI to IP High definition Encoder
CL-HDMI-RF, HDMI true 1080p High definition wireless transmission
CL-HD-ENC, HD Video / Audio - MPEG4 h.264 Encoder
CL-12ASI2I, 12ASI to IP converter
CL-12IP2AS, IP to up to 12 ASI converter
CL-ASI2IP, ASI to IP and IP to ASI converter
CL-870-T, 1310 or 1550nm Direct Modulated AGC Optical Transmitter
CL-870-R-2, Optical CATV RF Reciever with Dual Internal Redundancy
CL-RF-SW, 21 RF switch, with its high resolution to the RF monitor
CL-ASIMUX, 8 x 1 DVB ASI Transport Stream Multiplexer
CL-MPEG224, MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 Transcoder
CL-MPEG422, MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 Transcoder
CL-4100, HD/SD - SDI to ASI Real time Encoder Converter
CL-4SD-ENC, (4 in 1) 4 channel Baseband Video/Audio MPEG-2 encoder with DVB ASI and IP output.
CL-ASI2DS3, ASI over DS3 line Transport Uni-directional, Bi-derectional
CL-HDSDI, Uncompressed HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI Video Audio Over Fiber
CL-ASI-DA, 2, 4, 8, 16 ASI , SDI ,SMPTE310M Distribution Amplifier
CL-HD-DEC, HD Video / Audio - MPEG4 h.264 Decoder
CL-SD-ENC, IP and ASI TS Encoder with SD-SDI and Baseband Video / Audio input
CL-ASI2E1, ASI to 4 E1 converter and 4 E1 to DVB-ASI
CL2000S, VGA RGB Video to QAM Inserter with Built in Resolution Scaler
�Model�� CL-DVI2IP�
CL-DVI2IP, DVI or VGA over IP High Definition Encoder and Decoder

HD H.264 Encoder and IP Gateway for DVI or VGA Signals

The CL-DVI2IP unit is a High Definition Video/Audio over IP transport system for DVI or VGA signals. With this unit you can stream an DVI or VGA signal to anywhere in the world over the Internet or other IP based Ethernet network. Our CL-DVI2IP encoder features H264 encoding which uses less than half the bandwidth of MPEG-2. The CL-DVI2IP unit offers broadcast quality encoding with a low time delay, typically around 200 ms. The unit features an integrated web server for remote management and monitoring. The CL-DVI2IP system is perfect for anyone who wants to transport or multicast a DVI or VGA source.

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 High Quality Broadcast level encoding based on H264/MPEG-4
 Integrated web server for remote management and monitoring
 Hardware encoding with low time delay of typically 200ms
 Enhanced circuitry for true synchronization between audio and video
 Supports DVI, VGA or Component HD Video
 Easy to install and simple to use

Output resolution
All standard resolution is from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1200 @ 70Hz ~ 60Hz
– 1440x900
– 1400 x1050
– 1680x1050
– 1360x768

Example Aplication

Model Selection

DVI + VGA +Stere Audio HD Encoder
DVI + VGA +Stere Audio HD Decoder


Input resolution
All standard resolution is from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1200 @ 70Hz ~ 60Hz
– 1440x900
– 1400 x1050
– 1680x1050
– 1360x768
Output Frame Rate
640X480 @ 70fps | 800X600 @ 70fps | 1024X768 @ 60fps | 1280X1024 @ 30fps
1600X1200 @ 30fps | 720X480 @ 60fps | 720X576 @ 50fps | 1280X720 @ 30fps
1440x900 @ 30fps | 1400 x1050 @ 30fps | 1680x1050 @ 30fps | 1360x768 @ 30fps
1920X1080 @ 25fps
Connection Ports
Support 10/100Mbps
Support Auto-MDIX
Support flow control

IR in/out

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